2D Environment Design

Tell stories, time, ages through Properties and buildings textures and shades.

We create an environment with a variety of concepts, To mention a few...

  • Arabian night concept
  • City design concept
  • Farm and agro concept
  • Alien word concept
  • Forest world concept
  • Cave world concept
  • Microworld concept
  • Desert world concept
  • Icy world concept
  • Interior house concept
  • And more..

Environment Design

Our Environment design delivers the exact flow of the stories behind the characters. When a story is told we capture environmental emotions, gripping experiences and pulses will capture the mood of the scene and will make you feel alive on what you see in the movie.

Our services

Right from hearing stories to visualizing scenes we take it all from there. We bridge the gap between stories, characters, and animated moments with our environment design. We use a combination of powerful tool including Photoshop, Zbrush, Mudbox, illustrator, and other tools based on your requirement and delivers you the perfect blend of background and environment.

Why Environment
design engineering is so important?

The environment makes your audience gripping on the seat. We help you in communicating the perfectly handmade visually appealing unique environments to support the scene and characters. We make basic sketches in 2D, fine-tuning them, and then deliver completed artwork to blend with your movie.


We Would Love to
Hear From You

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