StoryBoard Services

We can narrate your story in the most effective way.

Well, designed storyboard helps your cinematographers, directors to clearly understand the scene before going into filming the animation sequence potential problems and resolve them.

Our Strategy

  • Using both hand sketches and digital illustration we develop comic strips.
  • Creating angle and perspective in every frame to assist the production team and directors.
  • Placing the right concept at the right place to make sure everyone traveling in the right direction.
  • Developing an outline of entire stories to picture the next production page.
  • Our storyboard artists take care of editing on the storyboard to minimize revision.
  • We provide a rough plan on the placement of cameras, people, props, and light sources in the storyboard.

What do we do?

We provide good Sequential planning of a video through drawing the sketches. We define the perfect duration of the shots of the movie. A well-designed storyboard encourages better project visualizations.

What do we offer?

We offer storyboard services including, Thumbnail sketches, Black and white storyboard, color storyboard, concepts panel, and Continuity boards to make your movie project more impressive to your clients and directors.

Feel free to reach our visualizer and story artist to discuss your storyboard requirement