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The automobile industry is forecasted to grow up to 15% reaching USD 150 Billion by 2022. Deliver a strong prominence and stand ahead with integrating augmented reality into your business today Manufacturing


The smart manufacturing sector is forecasted to grow to USD 150 Billion by 2022. Allow your consumers to perceive and interact with the physical and digital world through AR. create endless new possibilities in the manufacturing world.


AR in education is expected to boom up to 10 times to 170 Billion USD by 2023. AR Education produces higher engagement, AR is implemented in the classroom to create environments that are more conducive towards learning.


AR online and in-store shopping would be leading to 100 Million customers additionally by the end of 2020. AR Tech is on the way into the retail sector and assists decision-making while in pre-purchase, in-purchase, and post-purchase.

BFSI(Banking, financial services, and insurance)

Create an impact on the interaction among financial and insurance organizations with Customers, Vendors, and employees. From Virtual branches to real-time damage estimation for insurance, AR Tech creates endless possibilities.

Travel and Hospitality

AR technology reshaping the travel experiences that leads to higher planning and booking and AR act as a tool to reshape travel experiences, Training staffs to the new facility without their physical presence.